Funding to Fusion Energy Companies Since 2000October 19, 2020 | Sam Wurzel

Funding to fusion energy companies accelerated in the 2010s compared to the 2000s

The Fossil Fuel Industry's Interest in Fusion EnergyJune 10, 2020 | Alec Feygin

The recent news of Equinor’s investment into fusion energy start up, Commonwealth Fusion Systems, marks the fourth major oil and gas company investing in the fusion energy space.

The Number of Fusion Energy Startups is Growing Fast – Here's WhyFebruary 07, 2020 | Sam Wurzel

The number of companies working on fusion is increasing dramatically because of confidence in plasma physics and fusion engineering, new technologies, and a societal demand for baseload, clean energy.

What is Fusion Energy?February 06, 2020 | Sam Wurzel

When two light nuclei like hydrogen fuse into a heavier element like helium, energy is released from the conversion of a small fraction of their masses into energy.

Measuring Progress in Fusion Energy: The Triple ProductDecember 19, 2019 | Sam Wurzel

Achieving a specific triple product is a necessary but not sufficient condition for all fusion energy schemes.