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Funding Information

January 14, 2021
Investment Round
September 03, 2020
In Kind GrantINFUSE
December 16, 2019
$65,000,000Investment RoundSeries E
October 26, 2018
$37,500,000Investment RoundFederal investment
March 14, 2016
August 11, 2015
$2,096,794Investment Round
May 19, 2015
$19,400,000Investment RoundSeries D
May 19, 2015
$1,796,794Investment Round
February 26, 2014
$2,081,772Investment Round
December 21, 2012
$1,570,740Investment Round
May 05, 2011
$1,641,139Investment Round
May 04, 2011
$19,500,000Investment RoundSeries B
June 01, 2010
$1,000,000Investment Round
July 24, 2009
$9,000,000Investment Round


General Fusion was founded by Dr. Michael Laberge in 2002 in Burbank, Canada.

They are developing a MTF (magnetized target fusion) power plant based around the concept of a spherical liquid metal piston compression approach.

They've raised money from venture capital firms, sovereign wealth funds and government grants.

General Fusion's strategy is to develop the individual components of a MTF power plant before putting them together into an integrated system. Their work includes plasma injector experiments to study the planned target plasma, liquid piston experiments to study the dynamics of liquid metal, and plasma compression tests utilizing single shot implosions experiments.



Key Individuals

Michel Laberge, Chief Scientist

Christofer M. Mowry, CEO

Michael Delage, CTO

Greg Twinney, CFO

Formation Date



Burnaby British Columbia Canada