Fusion Energy Base provides information on organizations involved in the development of fusion energy worldwide, their projects, their funding, and their key experimental results, both contemporary and historical.


The mission of Fusion Energy Base is to inform investors about fusion energy in order to optimize the allocation of capital for the achievement of commercially viable fusion energy on the shortest possible timeline.


In 2006 I was working on a PhD in plasma physics at CU Boulder, developing the Colorado FRC Experiment. I left the PhD program to co-found Octopart, the search engine for electronic parts.

In 2015 Octopart was acquired by Altium. I left Altium at the end of 2018 to return to the fusion world, forming Triple Product Inc., a consultancy to advise fusion startups and investors interested in fusion energy.

In 2019, while collecting information on the growing number of fusion startups in a spreadsheet, I realized that publishing it would be a useful resource for investors and others interested in gaining a detailed picture of the fusion energy landscape. This website went live under the name Fusion Energy Database in December 2019 and I shortened the name to Fusion Energy Base in February 2020.

Sam Wurzel

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I am an investor in some companies listed on this website. The list is on my AngelList profile.