Funding to Fusion Energy Companies Since 2000

October 19, 2020 | Sam Wurzel

Below is a chart of known funding rounds to companies pursuing fusion energy over the past twenty years. Mouse-over or tap each sub-bar for details of that particular funding round. Grants to fusion energy companies are in blue, investments are in green. All amounts are converted into USD at the exchange rate when the funding round closed.

Funding to fusion energy companies per year since 2000. Are we missing anything or have a correction? Let us know

Some observations:

  • Year to year the total funding is highly variable but when considered decade to decade, the 2010s saw much more funding than the 2000s.

  • TAE has received the most funding of any fusion energy company at $772M over 10 rounds.

  • Oil and gas companies are getting involved. So far there are five:

There are certainly funding rounds not reflected in this graph too. The big question is: how will the 2020s compare with the 2010s?

Thanks to Alec Feygin and Agustin O'Connell for research and visualzation assistance.