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Funding Information

April 06, 2020
$630,000Cooperative AgreementBETHE


Type One Energy was founded in Madison, Wisconsin in 2019. The company has five co-founders: Randall Volberg, David Anderson, Dr. John Canik, Chris Hegna, and Brian Matthews.

Type One Energy has an affiliation with the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is developing a stellarator which utilizes high temperature superconductors.

Key Individuals

Randall Volberg, CEO and Director of Commercialization and Co-Founder

Prof. David Anderson, Director of Stellarator Engineering Physics and Co-Founder

Dr. John Canik, Director of R&D and Co-Founder

Prof. Chris Hegna, Director of Stellarator Physics and Co-Founder

Brian Matthews, Director of Advanced Manufacturing and Co-Founder

Formation Date



Madison Wisconsin USA