United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA)

Founding Year



Harwell, Oxfordshire, UK

Funding provided (nondilutive)

May 15, 2024University of LiverpoolFusion Industry Programme: Molecular Cage Materials for Hydrogen Isotope Separation External Link
May 15, 2024University of ManchesterFusion Industry Programme: DBO-IM: Design, Build and Operation of Fusion Power Plants in the Industrial Metaverse External Link
December 06, 2023TWIFusion Industry Programme: Coldspray Additive Manufacture External Link
December 14, 2023University of BristolFusion Industry Programme: LIBRA – Lithium Breeder Advancement through materials manufacture and testing External Link
December 06, 2023Duality Quantum PhotonicsFusion Industry Programme: TRONN External Link
December 14, 2023Frazer-NashFusion Industry Programme: Lithium Enrichment Prototype Project (LEPDOS) External Link
May 15, 2024AqSorptionFusion Industry Programme: A project to efficiently separate hydrogen isotopes via graphene molecular sieves for use cases with the fusion sector. External Link
May 15, 2024University of BristolFusion Industry Programme: Studying Tritium in Diamond Energy Structures (STRIDES) External Link
December 14, 2023University of ManchesterFusion Industry Programme: Demonstration of a Viable Process for Li-6 Enrichment to Support Tritium Breeding External Link
May 15, 2024IS-InstrumentsFusion Industry Programme: Gas Raman Detection of Tritium (GRADE) External Link
December 06, 2023Oxford SigmaFusion Industry Programme: Lithium Testing Facility by Oxford Sigma for Fusion External Link
December 06, 2023CALGAVINFusion Industry Programme: Critical heat flux shifter and wall temperature reduction device External Link
December 06, 2023Full MatrixFusion Industry Programme: Prototype for remote in situ monitoring of complex fusion supply pipe External Link
December 06, 2023AlloyedFusion Industry Programme: RAMP-UP External Link
December 06, 2023University of BirminghamFusion Industry Programme: FATHOM2 External Link
May 15, 2024Full MatrixFusion Industry Programme: Development of Digital Tools to Enable Remote Ultrasonic Inspection of Fusion Reactor In- Vessel Components External Link
December 06, 20233-SciFusion Industry Programme: UHTEDS External Link
December 06, 2023JacobsFusion Industry Programme: Liquid Lithium Test Facility External Link
December 06, 2023TWIFusion Industry Programme: Coreflow External Link
December 14, 2023University of EdinburghFusion Industry Programme: Development of efficient continuous tritium capture and gaseous release through chemical control External Link
December 14, 2023Bangor UniversityFusion Industry Programme: Lithium Isotope Microorganism Enrichment – LiME External Link