Fusion Approach

Field Reversed Configuration (FRC)

Key Technologies

Neutral Beam Sustainment of FRC

Experimental Results
PublicationDensity (m-3)Temperature (keV)Energy Confinement Time (s)Triple Product (m-3 keV s)
Achievement of field-reve... 3×1019(electron)0.12(electron) 2.5×10-49.0×1014
Publications Describing Device

Achievement of field-reversed configuration plasma sustainment via 10 MW neutral-beam injection on the C-2U device


C-2U is an upgrade of the C-2 experiment. The neutral beam input power was upgraded from ~4MW (20keV Hydrogen) to 10+MW (15keV Hydrogen) and the injection angle was tilted to improve neutral beam to FRC coupling and reduce shine-through losses. Additionally, the edge-biasing capability inside each end-diverter was improved. The key accomplishment of C-2U was FRC stability limited only by hardware and stored energy (eg. neutral beam pulse duration and curren sourcing capability of end guns).

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