C-2W (Norman)

Fusion Approach

Field Reversed Configuration (FRC)

Key Technologies

Neutral Beam Sustainment of FRC

Experimental Results
PublicationDensity (m-3)Temperature (keV)Energy Confinement Time (s)Triple Product (m-3 keV s)
Formation of hot, stable,... 3×1019(electron)0.25(electron) 
Publications Describing Device

Formation of hot, stable, long-lived field-reversed configuration plasmas on the C-2W device


C-2W is an upgrade of the C-2U experiment. The neutral beam power was upgraded to up to ~21 MW and adjustable energies (15-40keV). Pulse duration was extended to up to 30ms. Inner diverters with upgraded edge-biasing electrode systems allowing for longer (30ms+) were installed. A number of other enhancements were added as well.

Affiliated Organizations

TAE Technologies