Tokamak Parameters
Major Radius (m)Minor Radius (m)Plasma Current (MA)Toroidal Magnetic Field (T)Duration (s)
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Effect of resonant magnetic perturbations on COMPASS-C tokamak discharges

Plasma density measurements on COMPASS-C tokamak from electron cyclotron emission cutoffs

Driven magnetic reconnection in the COMPASS-C tokamak


COMPASS-C stands for COMPact ASSembly-circular. It was operated at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy from 1989 to 1992. COMPASS was a low-magnetic field, shaped-plasma cross section tokamak. The aim of COMPASS-C was to explore MHD physics in circular-shaped plasmas. COMPASS-C was replaced by COMPASS-D in order to study high beta tokamak design.

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1989 - 1992