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Results of FM-1 spherator experiments and possibility of electron-coil fusion reactor


The Floating Multipole Machine (FM-1) was a spherator built and designed at PPPL. It was a bigger version of the LSP device. This device had an internal superconductive ring of 0.75 m major radius with a current capability of 350 kA. This ring levitated due to its own magnetic field interacting with 5 sets of stabilization coils and was able to remain afloat for an 8 hour experimental shift in a room temperature environment. FM-1 reached electron temperatures around 100 eV and ion temperatures below 5 eV . Its typical magnetic field was around 0.3 T and reached a confinement time up to 3 seconds. FM-1 is considered one of the earliest poloidal divertor experiments.

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1971 - 1976