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Linear Multipole and Spherator Experiments


Linear Multipole (LM-1) was a linear device used in research at PPPL. This device was made mainly to study plasma losses, heating and fluctuations. LM-1 was made with two 5m long parallel conductors, capable of producing magnetic fields up to 0.4 T. The conductors were located inside stainless steel casing to prevent displacement due to mutual magnetic attraction. The device also had different set of coils, including axial magnetic field coils and magnetic mirror to reduce particle losses. It also had plasma limiters that were also used to measure particle loss.

Plasmas in LM-1 were produced using ECRH using microwaves between 2.45 GHz and 10 GHz. The usual plasmas made in LM-1 had electron temperatures below 10 eV and had a density between 1016 and 1019 m-3. LM-1 used Langmuir probes, magnetic probes, microwave interferometers, spectroscopy, and particle loss detectors as diagnostics.

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1966 - 1966